Appeal A PCN

Appeal Against Penalty Charge Notices(We explain what You need to do to cancel an unfair ticket or the ticket that does not meet the criteria of TMA 2004.
Did you know that up to 20% of all parking tickets are cancelled by the authority upon receipt of a representation? That’s over one million tickets a year cancelled in London alone! and many more Nationwide.
Tip! Although some PCN’s state that you cannot make a representation until you receive what is called a “Notice to Owner” (NTO), we have yet to find a local authority who will not both accept a representation and maintain the discounted rate for a further 14 days if they do not accept your representation, so long as it is received within 14 days of the date of issue. So you have nothing to lose by writing into he enforcing authority. If you are in doubt due to the wording on the penalty charge notice then contact the authority for clarification. Tip! Tickets can be cancelled by local authorities on compassionate grounds.
Tip! If the authority reject your representations and you believe they have done so unfairly then you can still appeal to the parking adjudicator. Please use the link below for the right amount of payment and if you need more explaination after payment it will direct you to details Page, when you can explain the situation and result and any more details you want to add, please leave us a phone number or email address when we can reach you for more detils.

Local authorities rely on the fact that many motorists simply pay up because they don’t know the Rules on signage and lineage requirements or don’t want the hassle of writing in. Don’t let them get Away with it. Usually you have nothing to loose by writing in as you will normally not lose the Discount if you write in within 14 days – even if they reject what you say.

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