On Street Contravention - Page5

(Code - 49)
Parked wholly or partly on a cycle track or lane.

(Code - 55)
A commercial vehicle parked in a restricted street in contravention of the Overnight Waiting Ban.

(Code - 56)
Parked in contravention of a commercial vehicle waiting restriction .

(Code - 57)
Parked in contravention of a bus ban .

(Code - 61)
A heavy commercial vehicle wholly or partly parked on a footway, verge or land between two carriageways.

(Code - 62)
From 31 March 2008,the parkingenforcement provisions in the RTA were replaced by

(Code - 63)
Parked with engine running where prohibited..

(Code - 99)
Stopped on a pedestrian crossing or a crossing area marked by zigzags.

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