Mobile Enforcement

CCTV Car Known as (Spy Camera)Councils use the CCTV safety and enforcement vehicle to carry out parking enforcement throughout the district, complimenting the existing civil enforcement officers to help improve pedestrian and safety by ensuring parking restrictions are complied with.

Any parking in breach of a restriction can cause hazards and may impact on traffic flow, this mobile safety vehicle will assist with ensuring the safety of pedestrians and vehicles and help the free-flow of traffic.

The car is used in circumstances where enforcement using officers on foot patrol is difficult, sensitive or impractical. For example on school 'keep clear' areas where motorists, on seeing an Officer approaching, drive off only to return and commit the same breach later.

Parking contraventions may be detected and evidence is captured using the safety and enforcement system in two ways:
Unattended mode - the camera operating automatically, evidence is captured as the vehicle is driven through enforcement areas.
Attended mode - A Civil Enforcement Officer operates the Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) camera in the vehicle, whilst the second officer may be driving the vehicle or it might be stationary Cameras are positioned to detect and capture evidence of parking contraventions.

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