Civil Enforcement Officer

A Civil Enforcement Officer Civil Enforcement Officer (CEO) is the new name for Traffic Wardens The Traffic Management Act 2004 specifies this new name because as the name implies, the prime function of a CEO is to enforce legislation governed by Civil Law. CEOs are employed primarily to enforce parking restrictions in order to maintain a free flow of traffic, to help keep pedestrians safe and to ensure that all parking requirements are being complied with. CEO is a person employed to enforce parking, traffic and other restrictions and laws in England & Wales. In England, they are employed by county councils, London Borough Councils, metropolitan district councils or Transport for London, and in Wales by county (borough) councils - or private companies contracted by any of the above. Until the passage of the Traffic Management Act 2004, on-street parking and traffic movement violations were enforced by non-warranted police traffic wardens employed by constabularies. Off-street parking violations were enforced by parking attendants employed by local authorities and private companies.
Civil enforcement officers may only exercise their functions when wearing a uniform authorised by the Secretary of State. They may issue Penalty Charge Notices for numerous offences, either via a hand-held device or CCTV.
They may inspect and confiscate blue badges. They may interview motorists suspected of disabled badge fraud under caution. They may immobilise vehicles. Penalty charge notices are not criminal proceedings, and failure to pay will result in certificated bailiffs serving warrants of execution. They may issue penalties for several moving violations, among them driving in bus lanes, executing prohibited turns and driving the wrong way on a one way system. They may penalize for failure to display valid road tax.

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