CCTV Enforcement

CCTV Camera Known as Static Camera.

Local authorities have a duty to tackle dangerous parking and the Traffic Management Act 2004 allows councils to enforce parking contraventions by CCTV Camera. The Secretary of State's Guidance to Local Authorities on The Civil Enforcement Of Parking Contraventions and Moving Traffic Offenses states that: 'The primary objective of any camera enforcement system is to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the road network by deterring motorists from breaking road traffic restrictions and detecting those that do.'

All Councils use the CCTV safety and enforcement Camera to carry out parking and traffic enforcement throughout the borough, complimenting the existing foot patrols carried out by the Council's Civil Enforcement Officers to help improve pedestrian and safety by ensuring parking restrictions are complied with.

The Traffic Management Act (TMA) 2004 recommends that approved devices are used only in problem areas where enforcement is difficult or sensitive and 'on-foot' enforcement is not practical.

For example on school 'keep clear' Bus lane and Bust Stops areas where motorists, on seeing an Officer approaching, drive off only to return and commit the same breach later. The CCTV safety and enforcement CCTV Camera is currently only used to enforce those restrictions where abuse creates a significant safety concern.

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