Offense Code - 7 (Meter Feed)

Code description: Parked with payment made to extend the stay beyond initial time.

Code contravention: The contravention occurs when a vehicle remains in a parking bay beyond the time that was initially purchased by putting more money into the meter or displaying a further ticket or voucher.

Extra information to be recorded: Two observations need to be made:
First observation: ( Time of observation - VRM - Any paid for time left to expire - Vehicle valve positions). Second observation/after initial expiry time: ( VRM and valve positions to match those made on first observation - Details of extra time purchased - Vehicle valve positions ).

Loading/unloading allowed: Not applicable.
Observation period: None required at second observation.

Exemptions: ADEH1IJKNOP
Suffixes: cumvprs
Notes: Some authorities have a policy that allows meter feeding up to the maximum permitted time on the parking bay. If total parking duration extends beyond the maximum time permitted then a code 30 PCN should be issued.

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