Offense Code - 01 (Yellow Lines)

Code description: Parked in a restricted street during prescribed hours.

Code contravention: The contravention occurs when a vehicle waits during the prescribed hours in a restricted street (i.e. on a yellow line).

Extra information to be recorded: • Details of yellow lines/stripes on kerbs • Details of kerbside plates.

Loading/unloading allowed: Yes
Observation period: Yes

Suffixes: ajoyz

Notes: Time plates are not required in CPZs except where the times of restriction differ from the CPZ hours. Time plates are not required on double yellow lines. Time plates are not required in pedestrianised streets. Yellow lines may not be needed in pedestrianised or restricted streets. Where a Blue Badge holder is permitted to park on a yellow line for a specified period of time and stays for longer than this period, code 30 should be issued rather than code 01.

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